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Build App with Aurelia in Visual Studio 2015

This is a quick How-To open the Aurelia Skeleton project in Visual Studio 2015. (The bad thing for now CTP6, is that it does not support ES6 syntax).

(UPDATE : Soon after writing this, I cam across this post which you should prefer when wanting to start with Aurelia : post from Scott Allen on Aurelia an Asp.net 5)

First follow these instruction to get up and running with an Aurelia Development environment : Aurelia get started cheat sheet – installation steps

1.Then create a new Project in Visual Studio : An Asp.net Web application


choose the Empty Template


2.This project should be created where you extracted the aurelia skeleton project (for me : C:_temp\GitHub\aurelia-playground)


3.Copy (Cut and Paste) the content of the aurelia skeleton project (C:temp\GitHub\aurelia-playground\aurelia-skeleton-v-0.12) to the new Asp.net project (C:temp\GitHub\aurelia-playground\Aurelia.Skeleton)

4.edit the project.json file and change the web root to be the root folder :

"webroot": ".",

5.Now you can just hit F5 and see chrome starting with the aurelia-skeleton nav project running.

6.or better from the Task Runner Explorer you can start the Task tdd and watch and start coding.


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