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Aurelia get started cheat sheet - installation steps

This post briefly lists the step you must do to start coding an Aurelia powered app. for the long story go to Aurelia Get started page.

  1. install node or update to the latest version. this step is important.

  2. install gulp globaly :

    npm install -g gulp
  3. install jspm globaly:

    npm install -g jspm
  4. configure jspm with github credentials : (follow instructions)

    jspm registry config github
  5. download the skeleton app : https://github.com/aurelia/skeleton-navigation/releases and extract it to a folder of your choice

  6. navigate to the root of the app :

    cd C:\_temp\GitHub\aurelia-playground\skeleton-navigation-0.12.0
  7. launch npm and jspm install

    npm install jspm install -y
  8. launch the command to start a webserver that listens on : http://localhost:9000/

    gulp watch

History :

12/04/2015 : tested with v0.12

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