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Local development Cross Origin working with chrome, but Firefox gives Cross-Origin Request Blocked

Accessing a local application with XHR request worked in chrome, but Firefox gave the error that Cross-Origin Request Blocked and in fact didn't even read the stream.

This is not a cors problem per se, but the fact that Firefox gave an exception on the certificate which is self-signed.

What must be done:

  • In firefox dev tools, open the network tab and copy the url accessed with Options (the devtool gave no status for it)

  • copy the adress in the browser (Firefox) : https://localhost:1234/yoururl

    • A message will prompt stating that your connection is not secure
    • click the Advanced button, then Add Exception...
    • Add an exception to https://localhost:1234 (Firefox copied the whole url, just delete the parts and keep localhost:port)
    • Click Confirm Security Exception
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