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Migrate svn to git repo from a local svn reposiroty

This is a how to migrate a svn repository or repository folder to git when you have full control on the svn repository.

  • I started to create a directory where I'll do the job, (you can do the work where your current repo is located. you need svn and git to be installed on the machine)

mkdir C:\Temp\svn_migration

  • copy your repo in there, you should have something like this


  • create a authors.txtfile in the conf folder, copy the user from the passwd file

the structure of passwd file is sthg like

user = password

create a new authors.txt file in C:\Temp\svn_migration and use this layout. only the left hand side of the equal is relevant for us. (for the example above : user)

user = aName aLastName <auser@example.com>

  • start svnserve : from a cmd prompt, start the svnserve.exe for your repo. svnserve comes with subversion installation, but also with tortoisesvn.

"C:\Program Files (x86)\Subversion\bin\svnserve.exe" -d -R --root C:/Temp/svn_migration/svn_repository

  • start the migration. just issue the following command in C:\Temp\svn_migration

**git svn clone svn://localhost/path/to/your/repo --no-minimize-url --no-metadata -A authors.txt someFolderName**

note : The --no-minimize-url makes sure that git svn only clones the specific directory without trying to clone the root of the repository.

  • add a remote and push : finally you want to share it with other so:

cd to your git repo C:/Temp/svn_migration/someFolderName then

**git remote add origin https://yourRemotegiturl**

**git push --set-upstream origin master**

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