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Implementing a Blog Engine using React and Redux

This post relates to the repository non-o.blog on github and this specific tag v.0.5.0.

This Blog Engine is using React to read files (posts, pages...) from a github repo. At this time it is using React as the view engine and Redux as the application state (store). to get the code, simply clone it on your mahine and checkout the tag v0.5.0.

then just go in the src folder and type:

npm install


npm start

the webpack-dev-server will start and you can browse http://localhost:8080/index.html

some info on the code

the starting file (entry) is main.js that loads the app-react component. main.js links the redux store with the react components. This app is composed by a MenuContainer and a Post or Page Container (depending on the user clicks that changes the redux store).

I followed the advice from redux to separate the Component in a Presentational component and a Container component and I find this clean. example :

in ./components/menu, the MenuList and MenuItem are presentational components and only deals with props (not state) The MenuContainer component connects the Redux state with the presentational components state using the redux connect() paradigm (if I can call it so...) more info : UsageWithReact

the statefolder contains the redux store or more precisely the redux reducer in blogReducer.js (for now only one, but I will upgrade to combine reducers).

The actions are located in ./app/state/actions.js where I have synchronous actions and async actions (located at the end of the file)

export function fetchMenusAsync() {
    return function(dispatch) {
        dispatch(displayMenuInfo('... Loading Menus ...'));
        return BlogApi.getMenus(function(data) {

line 4 calls the github-api asynchronously and when the result is received, the receivedMenu and the displayMenuInfo are called (these two are synchronous actions)

The same process is done for ./pages and ./post

This is my first attempt to use React with redux, and there are still lots of things to implement (read the Todos on the readme page) to have a complete Blog engine (SEO with server rendering, Admin area, dashboard, comments support and lot lot more)

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