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Install sinon with jasmine and Karma

lately I wanted to use sinon within karma. So I simply did the following :

install sinon with bower : bower install sinon

then added the sinon.js to the karma files in the karma.conf.js like so :

`files: [ '../bowercomponents/angular/angular.js', '../bowercomponents/angular-mocks/angular-mocks.js', '../src/**/.js', './unit/**/.js' ],`

and use it in my jasmine test specs file.... but it didn't work.

And here is the solution:

in a command prompt, navigate to the root of your project and type :

npm install karma-sinon --save-dev

then in your karma.conf.js file add the following:

frameworks: ['jasmine', 'sinon']

You can now use sinon in your jasmine files

var mySUT = {
    callCallback: function (cb) {

 describe('spies', function () {
        it('should spy on a callback', function(){
            var spy = sinon.spy();  



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