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Javascript braindump

Some things to know about javascript

type code in Chrome console

  • to make the console appear => F12
  • to enter multiline code => SHIFT + ENTER
  • press ENTER to execute the code

^ function declaration vs function expressions.

if the function keyword is the first in the statement, then it's a function declaration. Otherwise it's a function expression. (Kyle Simpson)

// 1\. function declaration
function foo(){} 
foo(); // no error

// 2\. function expression
var foo = function bar(){
   var baz = bar; // it's ok. bar is enclosed in its own scope
bar(); // Error

// 3\. anonymous function expression
// hint : we cannot reference it for recursion, because no name.
var anotherfoo = function(){}

^lexical scope

comes from the lexing phase of the compiler => it's a compile time scope. explained here

the eval() keyword cheats the lexical scope. it can add variable to the scope at runtime

function foo(str){
   console.log(bar); // this prints 42, even though bar is not in the lexical scope

foo("var bar = 42;");

eval() made the compiler skip all optimization.


  • we have a function expression thanks to the first '('.
  • we immediately call it
  • we isolate the scope from the global scope.
  • IIFE = Immediately invoked function expression

we can pass parameters to an IIFE

var myVal= 42;

   console.log(configVal); // prints 42

var and let

var foo = "foo";
function bar(str){
  for(var i = 0; i < 10; i++){}
  console.log(i); // prints 10
  for(let j = 0; j < 10; j++){}
  console.log(j); // ERROR !

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